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The Clearwater-Pipestone chain of lakes offers some of the best drive-in fishing in Ontario. The chance to fish in these unique waters should not be missed! When else will you have the chance to fish 11 lakes and over 70 miles of water? The chain is narrow in width, easy to navigate, and teeming with fish- so what are you waiting for?


Anglers come to Northwestern Ontario for our unsurpassed fishing, and Clearwater-Pipestone does not disappoint. The lakes are naturally stocked with a variety of fish- from eaters to trophies. You’ll find walleye, small & largemouth bass, muskie, northern pike, lake trout, and jumbo perch. Each lake has its own characteristics and fish population, and the sheer number of lakes to choose from means that you’ll find successful fishing somewhere on the chain all season long.

A Happy Angler With A Walleye At Hideaway Lodge


The Clearwater-Pipestone chain of lakes offers the very best of Ontario walleye fishing. Walleye fishing here is a treat because the chain holds walleye of every shape and size. And lots of them! Depending on which lake in the chain you fish, you can expect anything from a tasty shore lunch to a trophy-sized catch. So whether you go for quantity, quality, or both, you can’t go wrong fishing these waters.

Smallmouth Bass

Pound for pound one of the best fighting fish we have in the Clearwater-Pipestone chain, anglers who come to Hideaway for smallmouth bass won’t be disappointed! These hard-fighting game fish are plentiful in the chain and are a guaranteed thrill to catch. We can’t count the number of times guests have thought they hooked on to a hulking muskie only to reel in and see that the fish responsible for all of that fight was a 6 lb. Clearwater-Pipestone smallie!

A Happy Angler With A Smallmouth Bass At Hideaway Lodge
A Happy Angler With A Muskie At Hideaway Lodge


We’ve all heard that the muskie is the “fish of 1000 casts”…but from Hideaway Lodge, we think your odds are a lot better than that! Northwestern Ontario is one of the world’s top muskie fishing destinations, and the excellent muskie fishing on Clearwater-Pipestone may just be Ontario’s best kept secret. From June until November freeze-over, head to Hideaway and join us in search of a trophy you will never forget!

Northern Pike

Looking for a fight? Northern pike prowl the entire chain of lakes and will hit on almost any lure…just be sure to hold on! These “water wolves” are great fighters and have been known to shred lures, leaders, and lines. Northern pike are abundant in the chain, and every time you step in your boat you have a realistic chance of landing a trophy.

Northern Pike Background
Lake Trout At Hideaway Lodge

Lake Trout

Come fish Pipestone’s pristine waters for these lunkers! Once you discover the fight of these incredible fish, it will change your way of thinking! Oil up those reels, put on lots of line, and hold on for the thrill of your life!

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